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Exodus 14 – Then the LORD said to Moses…

Exodus 14 - Then the LORD said to Moses...

Throughout the chapters that we’ve read today, Israel would grumble about the situation that they found themselves in.  They complained about being trapped with the armies of Pharaoh bearing down on them.  They complained about not having water, and they complained about not having food.  These are three of the primary things that we need to survive.  We must have food and water or we will not last longer than a few days.  We must have protection or we will carried off by those who are stronger than we are.  Israel doubted that God was able to provide them with these things, so they complained to Moses and Aaron.

It seems that they failed to realize that they weren’t complaining against Moses and Aaron, they were complaining against God.  This is something that we would do well to remember as we go throughout our daily lives.  When we find ourselves in situations that aren’t the best, we must take care to be thankful for what we do have and trust in the Lord to provide us what is best.  We must not be caught grumbling and complaining against the Lord like Israel did.

Another item of interest is that God said we would know whether or not Israel was going to keep his law based on whether or not they listened to him about the manna in the wilderness.  If they were going to faithful with something small and unimportant, then they could be trusted to be faithful with something large and important, like the law of Moses.  However, as we read through Exodus, it becomes very apparent that they were neither faithful with the commandments given about the manna, nor would they be faithful with the commandments given later on by Moses.  When we apply this to ourselves, are we faithful to God in the little things?  Are we willing to give everything to God, even the things in our lives that we consider to be small?  Jesus said that he who is faithful with a little will be given much.  We should allow Israel to serve as the example for us and strive to be faithful to God in all things, whether we consider them small or not.


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