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Random Acts of Kindness (RAKS)

Showing God’s love in practical ways is our theme. We try to show up where people are surprised to see the church and do free acts of service in His name. We absolutely do not accept donations.

Our plans for this year are to continue programs that are already successful and to add new and exciting programs including:

  • Windshield washer fluid at gas stations
  • Windshield washing at store parking lots
  • Postage stamp giveaway for April 15 (last minute tax filers)
  • Pop give away at July 4 fireworks
  • Light bulb give away
  • Free pop, hot chocolate, and candy
  • Free car washes
  • Free apples / water to fall hikers
  • Leaf raking

One of our first and lasting touches of kindness is free leaf raking. In recent years, we have found people disabled with cancer or heart problems, older people too weak to do this chore anymore, single parents overwhelmed with all their duties. It is so much fun to show up and let them know God cares. By the way, it is great aerobic exercise as well!!

Through our acts of kindness we find people shocked that they really are getting something for free. We have some people with very special health needs or personal needs and we will say a prayer for them. Some leave with tears of joy knowing that someone has cared and listened and that God loves them.

Mercy Care

We donate groceries regularly to OPEN-M and Good Neighbors, as well as giving away bags ourselves. We had been doing a regular monthly bread giveaway. Volunteers visit and share small gifts to children and teens at Children’s hospital. We give limited help with bills, help with financial counseling, cleaning, meals, whatever is needed at the time.

Quilting Group

The fine art of quilting has not been lost at our church. Quilters are welcome, and so are learners. The quilting quality is very fine, following the rules of keeping stitches very small and even. This group meets weekly, and eat a carry in lunch together. The work goes quickly as conversation flies. The Quilting Group takes orders, and you may put your quilt on the list to be quilted by them. For charges, consult the quilting group. You are responsible also for the cost of the batting, which they are willing to purchase for you. They have orders for years ahead, so get your order in quickly. Contact the church by e-mail or phone for times of meeting.

Work Camps

We schedule regular workcamps for adults, young adults, youth, junior high, mixed generations, and women. Most of our work camps in recent years have been in Harrisburg, PA, where we do building repairs and aid in food and clothing giveaways through a ministry called Brethren Housing Association. This group offers free housing for two years, along with a mentor program to single mothers who are trying to enter the working force from the welfare roles. Jobs range from major repairs to cleaning and cheerleading.