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Summer Volunteer Garden

We try to keep out garden looking beautiful year after year and for about 10 years now we have succeeded.

Thanks to the wonderful people that volunteer!

This year we have added a variety of different plants and a couple of fruit trees that we transplanted. We are always looking for people that want to volunteer and help out garden grow.

Our ministry is all about water and water helps everything grow.

The importance of keeping our church looking beautiful means a lot to everyone. We have a large area of land and we hope that it will all be covered in flowers and trees within the next couple of years but we need more people to help.

New Garden Hoses

We recently purchased a ton of garden hoses for everyone to use to help water the garden. For those of you interested in learning more about gardening we highly recommend it. It’s so much fun to get your hands in the dirt and plant new plants and to watch new plants grow.

The importance of watering our garden is huge and in previous years we’ve had issues with nobody being there to help water. We recently purchases 20 new expandable hoses and metal garden hoses. These things are great. They are super inexpensive and lightweight and will hold up for a long time.

We wanted to find some garden hoses that don’t have any chemicals that can leak into them. We want out garden to be very orgnic and a lot of garden hoses can contain chemicals that can get into your garden. We found a really informative site called that shows you exactly what’s in a lot of different garden hoses

It was a toss up between the metal garden hose and the expandable hose but we ended up going with the metal ones because we have a lot of sharp rocks. These new metal garden hoses this year have become very popular and I hope everyone enjoys them.

What We Are Growing

We spent a lot of time thinking about what should we grow. At first we just wanted everything to look nice so we just planted flowers. We later came to the realization that fruits and veggies is a very good idea, so we starting growing those to.

This year we bought a ton of new seeds and that’s why we need more people. We drew up a garden plan for the next several years and we plan to expand all the way to 74th street which is a very big garden. However, we are expecting this garden to feed everyone in the ministry, so it will be a win win situation.

Gardening Tools

We have a good supply of shovels, rakes, strings and labels for everything. The garden hoses are ready to and everything just needs people to use them. We plan to do some vertical cropping in order better utilize the area near the church.

Contact Us

We are still waiting for more volunteers and we hope that you will contact us if you’re interested.