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The Sunday morning worship experience begins at 9:30. The average dress is business casual, though some people dress up more and others dress down! As you come in, you will receive a bulletin or program, which has the order of worship and announcements. The worship experience begins with a gathering song, which gives us notice to change from chatting and greeting, to being in place to worship. Usually, there is poetry or scripture to help us transition into being aware of God’s presence. Singing helps with that also.

We share an offering of time and talents. One is a time to share about possible ministries in which to be active throughout the week. The other is a time to share our tithes (10% of income) and offerings (any gifts above the tithe) with God. Guests are not expected to contribute to the offering baskets; that is the privilege of members. The children have a story before the pre-schoolers go downstairs for their children’s church experience.

Sometimes, to set the mood for the message, there is a drama or some special music. Then, the weekly Bible passage is read. Our pastor or a guest speaker looks at the meaning in the scripture, explains it, and applies it to daily life. There is usually a song following the message, but sometimes we offer special things like communion, an opportunity to be anointed for healing, or quiet time.

We share together our prayer concerns and joys in answered prayer, and have a time of prayer together as a group. We usually end the service with a song and a challenge or blessing…time to say hello to friends or go quietly to Sunday School or home! Our music is from the 1400s to the 2000s, so there is a wide variety. You can learn the songs as you go. The whole service is informal.

We say that the bulletin is just our best guess at what might happen on any given Sunday. We do ask for silence so that others can hear and there is a nursery and junior church so that parents can participate better.

The worship service lasts anywhere from 60 to 75 minutes.